About Us

About Us

Hi, I am Santosh Barman owner of www.wbresults.xyz I live in a small village of Balurghat in the south of West Bengal bordering Bangladesh. I passed HS. I used to think about how to earn money online since class ten. I didn’t have a mobile at that time. I bought my first mobile in 2015 with my own money. I passed high school in 2014 then stopped studying because my results would never have given me a job. In 2015, I was working in a place and earned 12-14 thousand Rupees per month by working 12 hours + overtime.

Next, I open the YouTube channel. I worked there for almost 2 years in 2016. I could not earn money from there. Then, again at the end of 2019, I opened a YouTube channel, where I worked for about 18 months, but it was also unsuccessful.

After that, we created this website in mid-2020. I have been working on this website for 8-9 months. I wrote 140 posts which are not available today, Google Adsense Rejected 20-25 times.

But I didn’t give up. And today I moved from Free Blogger to WordPress. If I get your blessings and love, maybe my dreams will come true.

I am here Edusation, Results, Jobs, Exam, Admit Card, News Etc. work with

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Q. What is A wbresults.xyz

Answer: wbresults.xyz is official website for results, exam, jobs, Admit Card, SSC Exam, Etc.

Q. wbresults Owner Name ?

Answer: wbresults Owner Name – Santosh Barman